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Health and  Environment

Freeborn Foods Cares

Dear Friends,


Freeborn Food's is taking action in caring for our loyal customers and the environment. Below are a few examples of this effort. 

We use glass to jar our sauce instead of plastic containers.

Glass contains NO BPA and is easily recyclable many times over

It is true some grades of plastic are BPA free, however, not all are. Furthermore, most plastics can only be recycled once, maybe twice. We believe by choosing to use glass, we are providing a healthier product for our customers while helping to reduce plastic waste which is so detrimental to our environment.  We have provided a few links for more information, have a look.

We didn’t forget about the lids! We made sure the Plastisol seal of our lids didn’t contain BPA either! Please click on the Tecnocap icon for supplier statement. 


We use only Bartlett pears for our sauces because many types of pears are very gritty and Bartlett pears are the least. Unfortunately, we cannot obtain Bartlett pears locally and must have them shipped in from Washington and Oregon. We have ensured they are canned in water with no high fructose corn syrup. We have done our diligence and have made sure our supplier does NOT line their cans with BPA.

Click Pacific Coast Producers. 

Furthermore, at Freeborn Foods we use no artificial coloring, flavorings or preservatives in the manufacturing of Darla Jean's Pear Sauces.

Our kitchen and our process is inspected by the FDA and meets the requirements of good manufacturing practices, resulting in FDA certification. We take pride in cleanliness and take extra steps to maintain a level of excellence, exceeding expectations. 

We hope our effort in caring does a small part to protect the environment and bring comfort to our friends in knowing this.

  Thank you,  Darla Jean